ARCHIP does not have its own dormitory. However Prague has many options for student living which range from comfortable to affordable.

List of some Dormitories

Here are some dormitories managed by other universities in Prague. As a student of ARCHIP you may apply for these dormitories.


This dormitory is located conveniently near to ARCHIP in a nicely renovated old building. Often fully booked, you would be wise to book in advance if you are interested.

CVUT Dormitories

Is the technical university of Prague, located in Prague 6 near to Bubeneč. They have a number of dormitories, not all are so close to ARCHIP so double check travel times.

For more information regarding dormitories feel free to be in contact with ARCHIP.

Flat Sharing websites

Find flat sharing opportunities all around Prague at these websites.

My Flatshare

Realty websites for Apartments

If you are looking for a flat in Prague, these website will come in very handy.



Tips and Recommendations:

Wheather you plan to share (500-10000 CZK/per person, per month) or go it alone (9000-30000 CZK/month), keep these tips as you search.

Getting a flat:

Best time for starting searching for the apartments from end of April till middle of July.

If you write emails in czech, there is more chances that people will reply. Ask someone who speak Czech visit with you flat appointments as agents and landlords pretty often don’t speaks English or don’t want to lend apartments to foreigners.

Be careful with documents: have contract, proof-read before signing it: your name, price (does amount of used electricity, gas, water influencing it), dates (especially important for non EU citizens). Sign contract with blue pen! If you would need to prove to police its real contract, you can make it at post office with your landlord.
The owner may be willing to furnish an unfurnished flat for higher rent.

Negotiating the price of rent is a must!


  • 1+kk One room with a kitchen in the same living space (bathrooms are usually separate)
  • 1+1 One room with separate kitchen
  • 2+kk Bedroom and kitchen/lounge in the same area
  • 2+1 Bedroom, living area, and separate kitchen
  • 3+1 Two bedrooms, a living area and kitchen

First month of rent often includes:

Deposit - usually price of one month of rent (should be returned in the end of staying, if it wasn’t used)
Payment to agent (if you had one) - 20-100% of the price of one month rent

Rent: it can include service (gas, water, electricity + house service) in it or you would need to pay it separately - check it before signing contract.

If there is any problem with the flat (something breaks, problems with neighbors, services, etc) firstly tell it to landlord and only than try to fix it yourself. If you paid deposit its landlord responsibility to fix problems from deposit money.