New Students

Welcome to ARCHIP and Prague!

Here is the orientation presentation about Prague. Much of the content you find in this presentation is also available in a more detailed format on this very website. Either search for what you need in the search bar at the top, or explore the pages by name on the left hand side.

Quick Tips:


  • Cardinal rule: You should always have a ticket!
  • One ticket for all public transport (trams, buses, metro, boat)
  • Trams run 24/7, check the timetables
  • Night and day transport can have different paths
  • In case inspector checks you make sure you see his badge (small metal red and gold)
  • If you don’t have ticket inspector can charge you on 800czk on the spot or write you a ticket for 1000 czk to pay later
  • However, if you forgot your ticket at home and have your ID with you, insist that you do have a ticket and they will only make you pay 50czk and give a ticket where you must show your valid transport ticket at an office
  • Fine for not having ID is 3000czk



Mentors are a group of ARCHIP active students, which are ready to help and share their experience with new students. Answering questions related to architecture, studying in Prague and living in Prague. If you have any problems come up look out for a Mentor to help you out! We are ready to help in whatever way we best cane. See the list bellow for who to contact regarding your issues topic:

  • Alex - ARCHIP problem solving, communication with the teachers and office
  • Liza K - ARCHIP problem solving, communication with the teachers and office
  • Kasimir – start-ups, student senate, starting activities in student community, Mac software programs
  • Iman - Visa, design process, Sketch Up, Photoshop, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD
  • Soda – social life
  • Megi – AutoCAD, good places around Prague to chill and hang out
  • Tarek - graphic software programs,Windows specifically, construction
  • Olga K – helping with calls to foreign police, speaking Czech
  • Olga G – AD, Sketch Up, Photoshop
  • Blqees – web design, competitions
  • Engjell – Vodafone, social life
  • Petr – helping out with Czech (native speaker)