rocketPublic Transport in Prague

Public transportation in Prague is very easy and efficient to use and if you have questions you can find information on the website. All metros, buses, and trams are accessible using the same tickets. For long term tickets you must apply for a Lítačka card.

Download the DPP INFO app


For Android and iOS devices. This will help you find connections and times.

These are other good unofficial apps

The IDOS app and MHDapp are also recommendable.



If you already have an OpenCard and would like to update it to a Lítačka, go here. Otherwise read on.

The Lítačka card is your all purpose transport card. You must apply for a card online or at public transport offices and once you have received it, you can purchase tickets for long periods of time and they will be loaded onto your Lítačka card. More information is available in English at


Individual short term tickets.


Longer term passes (you must have a Lítačka card).


Purchasing Tickets

Long Term:
If you would like to purchase long term tickets for your Litecka card, you can do so at these info centers with your ISIC / ARCHIP piece of paper with confirmation of study for DPP.

Individual tickets:
There are a number of ways you can purchase individual tickets. Just do not forget to validate them in the little yellow stamp machines.

Purchase tickets over SMS by sending the text message "DPT24" or "DPT32" to the number 902 06.

Use the ticket machines located at all metro stops and some tram and buss stops. They look something like this:


On some trams they have begun installing ticket machines for contact less cards, which look like this.

You can also purchase tickets from Zabka stores, or usually any potraviny or tobacco shop.

Zabka sign

Time Tables

You can find out when trams or buses are arriving using the time tables at each stop. The the website, the DPP Info app and good old google maps, are also great to find times and connections.



Taxis and Uber

Do not take taxis on the street, they are known to be unreliable and uncountable.

Always call a taxi service in Prague and they will send a driver immediately, this way you know the taxi is official, and in case of lost items or other issues, you can hold the taxi company accountable. 

We recommend you to use these taxi services for better safety and reliability:

--AAA Radiotaxi - tel. 14 0 14 or 222 333 222,
- City Taxi - tel. 257 257 257,
Profi Taxi - tel. 14 0 15,
- Halotaxi - tel. 2 4411 4411,
- Sedop - tel. 777 666 333,



Uber is also available in Prgaue (but they are prone to surge charges etc...)

UBER Tip (it really works):
If you do not have an Uber account, then before signing up, ask someone who is already using it, to give you an invite code. This will give you 59czk off from your first three rides and once you take your first ride, the person who gave you the code will also recieve 50czk off on next three rides (expires after 90 days).

Bike sharing with Rekola

Rekola is great! You can rent a pink bike anytime you want. Ride for as long as you need, then lock it within the zone for the next rider. Plus you can just pay when you use it, like getting a tram ticket, only for a bike. Or if you ride all the time sign up for a month or more! Everything is handled through their simple easy to use app, and with online payments it just super easy.




Single rides:
Single ride for 60 minutes -> 32 CZK extended rental for 8 CZK per 15 minutes
Monthly membership:
Unlimited free rides up to 60 minutes -> 320 CZK extended rental for 8 CZK for 15 per minutes
Annual membership:
Unlimited rides up to 60 minutes from March till the and of November
(If you buy annual membership later during the year, it will be automatically transferred to the next year. Eg. you’ll buy it in summer 2017, it will last till summer 2018.) -> 1199 CZK
15 ride till the end of the year -> 320 CZK
You can reserve any bike for 8 CZK. Reservation lasts 15 minutes.


Travel in the Czech Republic and EU


České Dráhy is the national train company in the Czech Republic.  On their website you can find connections, fairs and times, as well as purchase tickets.

saStudent Agency offers cheep buss and train tickets as well as flights around Europe.



EuroLines is one of the cheaper buss companies available. It operates buses all over the EU with stops at over 50 cities. On their website you can find connections, fairs and times, as well as purchase tickets.



FlixBus says it themselves: " Discover Europe with our cheap bus tickets" With buses to almost all major cities in the EU they are one of the cheapest options.